Chase International Executive Search offers compensation consulting services as well as pay and performance data to buy-side and sell-side institutions across the world.

With our extensive executive search experience, we have built a proprietary database which includes a high level of analytical data referencing salary, bonus/commission, location and level.
Encompassing our financial services knowledge and client understandingenables us to provide bespoke consulting projects.

Salary Surveys/Benchmarking

  • Benchmarking competitive pay levels and bonuses
  • Advising on annual, long-term and sales incentive plans
  • Benchmarking location salaries/relocation packages
  • Improve Retention Rates
  • Safe guard against loss of employees
  • Designing strategies to attract future talent with competitive growth

Salary benchmarking survey services enable you to use comparison data at role, business function, unit or entire enterprise level, in a systematic and transparent way. Depending on the specific requirement, evaluation is undertaken relating to competency, role scope and reward.
We provide detailed insight, highlighting areas that might impede or enhance performance and inform strategy.
Bespoke pay benchmarking involves us designing and completing a project to meet your company’s specific requirements, including data collection, analysis and reporting.